The Seven Teachings
And More

From Peter Kulchyski’s “Foreword”

“I thank Björk Bjarnadóttir for working so hard for so many years on this book. I thank her because in reading it I can, sometimes, almost hear Garry´s voice. His gentleness. His soft determination. His Patience. He was a teacher and it would have made him happy to know that someone labored so hard to make sure his words and teachings were recorded and documented in a way that will allow people from the four directions to learn from them. He was never one to want to force feed anyone, but he would be happy to know that those who seek will have the answers he found, through his understanding of the traditions of his people, as a source of guidance”.

Title The Seven Teachings
And More

Author Garry “Morning Star” Raven
Collected by Björk Bjarnadóttir
Language English
Cover Image Gerald Folster
Cover design Tómas Ponzi
Illustrations Gerald Folster
Year of publication 2013
Place Winnipeg   
ISBN 978-9935-9165-0-1
Pages 129

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